Whether viewed by land or water, the Rideau Canal offers an abundance of experiences that are unique to our community. Niknaks Paddle Shack is conveniently located between two of the Rideau Canal’s 45 operational locks, allowing visitors to witness and experience two very different kinds of lock, both within 400m of our home base.

Detached Lock – One of the Rideau Canal’s original locks, built between 1826-1832. Detached Lock is manually operated by the staff of Parks Canada each season, using 19th-century technology to facilitate the flow of both water and boat-traffic through the canal.

Combined Lock – A fully automated hydraulic lock, built between 1973-74. The Combined lock was built to replace three original locks (lock #’s 27-29) in order to save time and space. With a lift of 26ft, the Combined Lock is the tallest lift along the canal.